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How Shockwave is Making Waves in Topeka, KS

Shockwave Aqua Fitness was established in September of 2019 in Topeka, Kansas by owner and lead fitness trainer Sharlie Peterson. After moving with her mom from Wichita, it soon became clear that there was a need to set the standards for what aquatic fitness should be. 

What should it be? Fun and effective. There are thousands of stereotypes on aquatic fitness being for specific demographics only, and we want to help change that perception! Aquatic Fitness is for everyone, every size, skill and mobility level. You get out what you put in to each workout, and our trained instructors are here to ensure you do so to the best of your capabilities. 

Since offering our first class in the summer of 2019 through Shawnee County Parks and Recreation, we have gone from our first class of 16 participants to now having well over 1700 class members throughout the Topeka area. While we love working with Parks and Rec during the outdoor season, our current goal is to have our own aquatic facility soon right here in Topeka! We strive to offer aquatic programming for all ages and want to continue to put Topeka on the map as a destination city for powerful aquatic fitness training! 

Meet The Team

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